FEELYSTONE Artist-in-Residence Programme

Open Days Wednesday 28 to Friday 30 July 11am to 5pm

This programme is being funded and hosted by FEELYSTONE, in association with Boyle Arts Festival, to celebrate 230 years in business and in recognition of the company’s ongoing support and sponsorship of the arts. The Open Days will be an opportunity to view six artists as they complete their art in public at the FeelyStone Artist-in-Residence Programme in association with Boyle Arts Festival. During July, Daniel Clahane (Cumbria), Jessica Harrison (Edinburgh), Redmond Herrity (Donegal), Eileen McDonagh (Sligo), Kate Oram (Boyle) and Blessing Sanyanga (Africa/Cork) will explore the creative and imaginative use of stone in a modern stone factory. Founded in 1780 on the principles of expert craftsmanship and knowledge of stone, these principles remain at the core of the company after 230 years in business and in the hands of the 10th Feely generation.

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